Empowering Parents: A Guide to Digital Safety for your Children

Equip yourself with essential knowledge and practical strategies to safeguard your children's online experience. Discover effective tools, tips and resources to navigate the digital landscape and promote a safe and secure online environment for your kids. Together, let's empower children to thrive in the digital world while staying protected.

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About us

I have been working in tech for over 20 years, most of which have been in cyber security, 8 of which were in the video gaming industry. I started writing the "Digital Safety for Parents" guidebook unintentionally, in fact it started as a way of formalizing notes so that I could more easily and consistently answer questions from other parents about video gaming, and how they could ensure they and their children were safe and secure on the Internet.

The primary goal of the guidebook is to make the topic of “keeping kids safer on the Internet” more easily understood and accessible, with actionable advice.