Recommended Books

This list (excluding my own - not biased ;-) ) could be much longer but if you’d like to delve further into these topics, here’s some books that you may find interesting and useful as a resource. In summary, they cover topics like online privacy, balancing screen time, and fostering positive online experiences while some do delve into the potential societal consequences and challenges.

Lembke explores the challenge of managing our behavior and mental health in a world designed to hook us with instant gratification. The book delves into how excessive consumption of dopamine-triggering activities can lead to addiction and provides strategies for restoring balance.

This book examines how overprotection and an emphasis on emotional well-being are harming young people by making them less resilient and more susceptible to ideological conformity. The book argues for the development of critical thinking and exposure to diverse viewpoints to prepare children for the challenges of adult life.

While not exclusively for parents, this book offers valuable insights into minimizing digital distractions to focus on what's truly valuable in life, including family time.

"Anxious Generation" delves into the high rates of anxiety among modern youth, examining the causes and impacts of this mental health crisis. The book offers insights into the societal and cultural factors contributing to increased anxiety levels and provides strategies for addressing and supporting the well-being of younger generations.

An excellent but at times terrifying read on screen addiction and the dangers. Kardaras examines the addictive properties of screen technology, particularly its profound impact on children. The book explores how excessive screen time can affect a child's developing brain, likening digital addiction to substance addiction, and discusses intervention strategies.